World Health Day 2022- Making our health and planet a priority 

7 Apr 2022
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What is World Health Day about and how can you get involved in this global campaign?  

This year’s powerful theme as shared by the World Health Organization is “Our planet, our health”. Add your voice to the call to keep humans and the planet healthy, fostering a society focused on the well-being of all. 

Understanding World Health Day 

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted and rearranged the world and has really drawn attention to keeping humans and the planet healthy.

World Health Day 2022 - a World Health Organization campaign - is all about educating people to live a healthier and balanced life, while keeping our planet safe. 

While more than 6 million people world-wide have died since the Covid-19 outbreak, the WHO estimates more than 13 million deaths around the world each year – all due to avoidable environmental causes.  

It's important that we never lose sight of the bigger picture - the need to protect our health and planet - especially during difficult times. 

The WHO shares the full details on World Health Day 2022. Find out all about this year’s global campaign to bring people together to protect their own health and that of our world. 

Simple actions you can start taking today to protect our planet and our health:

• Drive less. Walk more. Choose public transport

• Avoid heating your rooms over 21.5C; and remember to turn off the light when not in the room

• Buy your fresh groceries from local producers and avoid highly processed foods and beverages

• Tobacco is a killer and a polluter. Stop consuming tobacco

• Buy less plastic; use recyclable grocery bags

• Raise your voice and demand climate actions to protect your health.


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