Products designed to help unlock uncapped employee contentment
Health, happiness, freedom, security – these are the things that people want most of all, and we want to help people get them. That’s why we’ve been providing versatile, smart employee benefits products since 1992.


At NMG Benefits, we work in partnership with you to enhance and maintain the wellbeing and health of your employees, with the goal of raising productivity, reducing staff turnover, as well as promoting a decline in absenteeism and sick leave.
Service features
  • NMG's health portal to assist with decision-making
  • Consulting and advisory services by a team of trusted, highly skilled, strategic experts
  • Employee education and communication platforms to identify and address member issues on an individual level and in a proactive manner
  • Custom HR & Payroll services, Actuarial-based reporting, and analytics tools to inform health and wellness decisions
  • Infrastructure to manage changes on existing scheme memberships
  • SmartReview process to assess your organisation’s health asset performance and help your wellness providers to enhance this performance
  • Additional in-depth advice on gap cover, employee assistance and wellness programmes, primary care, international healthcare, travel cover, international risk cover, and general health and accident cover
  • An Integrated Health Dashboard that enables companies to track, manage, customise, improve and engage in real-time with the overall health and wellbeing of their employees
If you want your employees to go further for you today, you need to give them peace of mind for tomorrow. NMG offers comprehensive retirement fund administration services that are tailored to the needs of the fund, the employer and our members.
Service features
  • Accredited advice on benefit structuring, contribution rates, risk benefits and investment in the context of the retirement funds
  • Member communication and presentations
  • Guidance on legislative changes
  • Assured operational effectiveness of your chosen fund
  • Capturing, updating and maintaining of member records
  • Managing investments towards retirement for members
  • Updating financial records
  • Quarterly/annual member communications
  • Fund reporting to both employers and members
  • Enabling employers and members to access real-time information from the friendly help center
NMG Umbrella SmartFund

This multi-employer umbrella retirement fund is our flagship fund. By combining the contributions of many employers and members together, the fund drives down costs for employers while delivering stronger returns for our employee retirement benefits members.

Employers can choose their level of involvement in managing the fund, as well as the most appropriate investment strategy from the range offered by the fund, which includes NMG’s SmartAssets and third-party fund managers.

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The NMG Investment Consulting team is focused on helping our clients develop global-grade investment solutions with greater risk tolerance and returns. We work closely with our clients to develop investment solutions that are customised to your needs.
Service features
  • Comprehensive investment consulting
  • Formulation and review of investment strategies
  • Bespoke investment solutions
  • Training on investments and updates on industry developments
  • Assistance in legislative compliance
  • Asset liability modelling
  • Setting strategic and tactical asset allocations
  • Investment goal assessment and target advisory
  • Qualitative and quantitative asset management research
  • Setting and monitoring of mandates
  • Strategic and operational implementation
  • Strategic planning of member communication and delivery
  • Investment performance monitoring, reviewing and reporting
  • Rebalancing strategies
  • Bespoke solutions that deliver personalised investment solutions
When it comes to running a business, there will always be challenges… unless you have the help of people who are experts in the fields that you may not be. The NMG Benefits Actuarial and Strategic Consulting team provides our clients with valuable expertise, turning data into insights that can then be used to tackle critical business issues.
Service features
  • Leveraging analytics to develop effective tools and models of analysis
  • Researching and analysing key statistical data to reduce risk and liability
  • Predictive modelling to estimate the probability and likely cost your business may have
  • Designing, testing, and administering medical policies, retirement plans and investments, to minimize risk and maximize profitability
  • Monitoring fluctuations within financial markets across industries
  • Presenting and explaining findings and implications to clients
  • Reducing the overall risk of business portfolios
  • Providing retirement funds with actuarial and valuator services
Financial Planning
Your independent financial architects: crafting personalised financial roadmaps, we guide you through a holistic approach, examining every facet of your financial life, to pave the way for your journey to financial freedom.
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Identifying and mitigating risks is a challenging but essential responsibility, that equips businesses and individuals with the tools they need to navigate their future with confidence and security. NMG Risk Managers and Insurance Brokers help clients recognise and protect themselves against the risks specific to their professions, businesses, and the markets in which they operate. Our specialist team conducts custom risk assessments and provides efficient and economical insurance solutions.

What we offer
  • With over 30 years of experience in risk assessments, management, and specialist insurances, we provide effective and relevant protection programmes
  • We offer expert advice on Professional Indemnity, Broadform and Civil Liability, Cyber Risk and Liabilities, Crime and Fidelity Guarantee, and Directors and Officers Liability
  • Specialist consulting in the areas of:
    • The financial services industry, including Asset/Investment Managers, Advisors, Brokers, and Intermediaries in all FSP Categories
    • Built Environment Professions, Engineering, and Project Management
    • The Construction and Engineering industry
  • The delivery of legal contractual risk assessments
  • The analysis and interpretation of project risk
  • We advise on, and manage Commercial and Corporate Assets and Liability programmes
  • We uphold international best practice standards

For more information or to enquire, please contact Chris Pearson on
NMG Risk Managers is an Authorised Financial Services Provider registered with the FSCA Licence No. FSP 31103.


In a country where only 51% of South Africa's population grasp essential financial concepts, the need for guidance is more crucial than ever.

We’ve assembled a dedicated team of Benefit Counsellors committed to providing unbiased, personalised, confidential and uncommissioned guidance. Our sole focus is on demystifying financial concepts and empowering members to make informed decisions for their long-term financial stability.

What We Offer

Our Benefit Counsellors provide a comprehensive support plan for your members, guiding them through each stage of their employment journey.

  • Financial basics: guidance on budgeting, saving, debt management and understanding financial products and services
  • Fund benefits: assistance in understanding and optimising fund benefits, including insurance options and investment choices
  • Healthcare options: guidance on medical aid options, gap cover purchases and future funding
  • Retirement planning: tailored guidance based on members’ proximity to retirement, including contribution rates, consolidation of savings and retirement choices
  • Retirement annuity options: assistance for retiring members in comparing annuity options, including those offered by the fund itself
  • Wills: education on available options and legal requirements regarding wills


Empowering your financial literacy
Gain instant access to a wealth of financial management knowledge with SmartAlec, conveniently available on WhatsApp. It's more than just a learning tool—think of it as having a reliable friend who empowers you with financial education. SmartAlec guides you through interactive, easy-to-understand modules drafted by experts in financial literacy, covering everything from basic banking and insurance to retirement planning and navigating complex investment strategies. Plus, SmartAlec is available in three languages: English, isiXhosa, and isiZulu. Say goodbye to confusing jargon and welcome financial clarity with SmartAlec as your trusted companion.

NMG Financial Wellness

Shielding employees from financial exploitation
South Africa’s economic challenges are impacting both businesses and their employees. Financially struggling workers face exploitation by lenders through dubious practices, being misled into unnecessary loans, unwanted insurance, and costly products, exacerbating their financial situation. These financial difficulties contribute to workforce issues such as absenteeism, low morale, decreased productivity, and employees even resigning to tap into retirement funds.
Why choose NMG Financial Wellness?

We blend technology with hands-on counselling from our implementation partner, Empower Financial Services, offering comprehensive support to your employees facing financial challenges by:

  • Protecting staff from unscrupulous credit providers and their costly, reckless lending practices
  • Defending employees against unethical and overpriced debt collectors
  • Advising on the most suitable credit options
  • Advancing zero-interest, zero-fees emergency cash assistance without any cost to the employer or employee 
  • Determining whether staff are over-insured through multiple credit life or funeral insurance policies and consolidating these to save costs
  • Empowering staff with improved financial literacy to make better financial decisions
How it works
Employees connect with us directly through WhatsApp, and we handle the rest. Our services come at no cost to the employer or employee, as our compensation is based solely on consolidating existing services into more efficient alternatives. Additionally, by integrating directly with your payroll system, we can automate the provision of payslips and other relevant documents, alleviating the administrative workload for HR.

NMG Ready-to-Retire Seminars

Why choose our seminars?
The transition to retirement is a challenging time for employees, making it critical to have a solid retirement plan. NMG’s Ready-to-Retire seminars are uniquely structured to meet your staff’s pre-retirement planning needs. Our seminars feature expert facilitators to ensure full satisfaction for both you and your employees. Our seminars equip pre-retirees with the tools and knowledge to design individualised retirement plans for a smooth transition into retirement.
Our training methodology

Our interactive training seminar provides participants with information that will increase their knowledge and awareness of the significant factors that could affect their financial security, physical well being, legal status and mental health in retirement. Through a balance of theory, examples, handouts, exercises, references and discussions, we provide the tools necessary for planning a successful retirement.

Learning outcomes for employees
  • Understand their employer’s retirement fund
  • Prepare financially for retirement by establishing a personal action plan, acquiring knowledge of the various sources of retirement income, strategising to minimise taxes
    and understanding investment asset classes and strategies
  • Recognise the impact of taxes, Powers of Attorney, and wills on their estate
  • Understand the effects of aging on the body, healthy nutrition, how to control stress and stay physically fit
  • Learn how to prepare psychologically for retirement, how to manage time and consider alternative living arrangements.
Seminar options

We have a suite of seminar group options which include 2 hour (complimentary), half-day, 1 day, 2 day or 3 days per group.

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