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Tools designed to help unlock uncapped employee contentment
Health, happiness, freedom, security – these are the things that people want most of all, and we want to help people get them. That’s why we’ve been providing versatile, smart employee benefits products since 1992.
Introducing NMG Benefits Diagnostic Tool: 
Uncover the Full Potential of Your Employee Benefits Program
Are you eager to gauge the effectiveness of your employee benefits program? Seeking insights to enhance its impact on your organisation? Our cutting-edge web-based tool is tailored to assess the competitiveness of your holistic employee benefits program.

With three comprehensive assessments—Health and Wellness, Remuneration and Engagement, and Retirement and Insurance—empower yourself to optimise your benefits strategy and drive success. By completing these assessments, you will gain valuable insights into the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunites for improvement within your benefits offering.
NMG Benefits Diagnostic Tool
NMG SmartAlec
This easy-to-use AI tool powered by FinEazy bridges the gap between financial products and people with an ultra-intuitive WhatsApp chatbot.

Influenced by gamification design principles, NMG SmartAlec supports financial literacy through storytelling, engagement and conversational learning. The Whatsapp chat experience is designed to offer a range of educational financial courses: Basic Finance 1 and 2, Retirement, Insurance, Healthcare and Advanced Retirement Fund.
NMG SmartAlec
NMG SmartAid
This allows a member or employee to invest in a retirement annuity separately from their pension or provident fund for enhanced quality of life in retirement.

To cater for the high cost of healthcare post retirement, we have launched NMG SmartAid in partnership with Colourfield.

SmartAid takes your actual circumstances into account to determine if you are on track to meet your goal. An investment strategy is set for you and your personal investment. It is reviewed once a year and adjusted to meet your own needs. A personalised statement will be sent annually to show whether you are on track to achieve your long-term goal.
NMG SmartAid


SmartAid Calculator
Helps you save for your medical aid contributions after you retire
Retirement Calculator
Find out if your retirement savings are on track to meet your retirement income goals
Debt Calculator
Supports you to design a repayment schedule for all your loans

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