The NHI Bill has been signed, what now?

Gary Feldman
21 June 2024
4 min read

On 15 May 2024, President Cyril Ramaphosa signed the National Health Insurance (NHI) Bill into law. 

NMG supports the goal of expanding universal healthcare for all South African citizens. The National Health Insurance Bill in its current format is probably not achievable and will face many legal challenges. The risk of lengthy court battles is real, this will inadvertently prolong the uncertainty and affect the timely implementation of essential healthcare reforms. 

No impact on medical schemes for the near future 

The implementation of the NHI will be a lengthy process. The private healthcare system will carry on operating in its current format until the NHI is fully implemented. As per section 33 of the Bill, only once the Bill is fully implemented will medical schemes and other healthcare insurance providers be able to offer supplementary cover, which could take 10 to 15 years. 

The way forward

Our advice during this time is clear: maintaining your medical scheme or medical insurance product is crucial. Cancelling could leave you, or your employees, vulnerable without cover, relying solely on state facilities or having to self-fund medical expenses. Public and NHI facilities will require time to deliver services at levels that members may be accustomed to. Upholding these funding mechanisms is wise given the potential for future changes – so if you’re undecided as to whether to join a Medical Aid or medical insurance plan, our advice is to do so. There’s no downside, and you’ll at least have good funding for your healthcare needs in the meantime.

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