The gift of legacy: charitable giving in your estate plan

Stian De Witt
28 November 2023
4 min read

As the festive season approaches, our hearts are filled with joy, gratitude, and a spirit of giving. It's a time when we reflect on the significance of family, tradition, and the values that define us. This article explores the profound concept of incorporating charitable giving into your estate plan, turning the season of celebration into an opportunity to leave a lasting and meaningful legacy.

One of the most compelling reasons to incorporate charitable giving into your estate plan is the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy. By supporting causes that align with your values and beliefs, you can make a meaningful impact on issues that matter to you. Whether it's education, healthcare, environmental conservation, or humanitarian efforts, your philanthropic contributions can continue to benefit society long after you're gone.

Your estate plan is a reflection of your values and priorities. By including charitable giving, you can ensure that your financial legacy reflects the principles you hold dear. This not only provides a sense of fulfilment for you but also communicates your values to future generations, inspiring them to continue the tradition of giving back.

Charitable giving in your estate plan can offer significant tax advantages. In many jurisdictions, donations to registered charities are eligible for tax deductions, reducing the overall tax burden on your estate. This can be a strategic way to optimise your financial legacy, ensuring that more of your assets go towards causes you care about rather than being allocated to taxes.

Incorporating charitable giving can also contribute to family harmony. While it's crucial to provide for your loved ones, philanthropy can be a unifying force for your family. Engaging your heirs in discussions about the charitable causes you support can foster a sense of shared purpose and instil the importance of giving back. This shared commitment to philanthropy can create a strong family legacy that extends beyond financial wealth.

Charitable giving allows you to contribute to positive social change. By earmarking a portion of your estate for philanthropy, you become a catalyst for addressing societal issues. Whether it's supporting medical research, education programs, or poverty alleviation initiatives, your estate can play a role in building a better world.

Many individuals have strong ties to their communities, and incorporating charitable giving into your estate plan is a powerful way to support local causes. Community-focused philanthropy can enhance the wellbeing of those in your immediate surroundings, creating a positive ripple effect that fosters a sense of interconnectedness and solidarity.

Charitable giving in your estate plan allows you to maintain control and flexibility over your assets. You can designate specific amounts or a percentage of your estate to charitable organisations, ensuring that your contributions align with your financial goals and the needs of the charitable sector. This flexibility enables you to adapt your philanthropic priorities over time.

Ultimately, the gift of legacy through charitable giving is about leaving behind a testament to the values that guided your life. It's an expression of the belief that wealth, when used purposefully, can be a force for positive change. By intertwining your financial legacy with your philanthropic aspirations, you create a legacy that transcends material wealth, leaving an indelible mark on the world.

Unfortunately, some charities are not as reliable to ensure that as much as possible money go to the cause and not to salaries or overheads.  It is best to nominate a cause run of a charity than just nominating the charity and letting them do with the money that they want to.  This way you ensure that the utilisation of funds happens responsibly.

The festive season is more than just a time for exchanging gifts and indulging in feasts; it's a season of reflection. As you gather with loved ones, take a moment to contemplate the values that have shaped your life. Charitable giving, when integrated into your estate plan, allows you to weave these values into the fabric of your legacy.

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