Making the most of Retirement Benefit Counselling

10 May 2022
2 min read

Many of us – especially when we are younger – do not want to think about retirement, as financial planning and decisions for the distant future can seem overwhelming and complicated. It is for this reason that all retirement fund members should be made fully aware of the value-added free services offered by retirement benefit counsellors. All members should be reminded to contact a counsellor before they submit any forms or paperwork when exiting the fund due to resignation or retirement, to ensure that they make informed decisions with their best interests in mind for the long term.

Counsellors can help members in a number of ways:

  • Help in understanding all the options available, answering questions around benefits
  • How their benefits are taxed, and how their decisions today affect their long-term financial security
  • Information to help plan and make difficult, important decisions for the long term
  • Indicative quotes where possible; Help with taking up the Fund-approved options

Counsellors can also refer members to a reputable financial advisor should they need further assistance.


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