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A broad portfolio of business and individual services, driven by reliable, up-to-the-minute data

Our Distinction

There are three important things which set our financial solutions and services apart:
We have no financial interests in any of our service providers, guaranteeing reliable and impartial advice at all times.
Individuals and organisations
We enhance lives by working with all those around us, internally and externally to ensure our member is put first.
Building Relationships
All of our strategies, services and solutions are designed on a fit-for-purpose operation model by building trust.


Specialised and tailored for you, we have a range of services below. Please contact us to know more about our smart financial products & services.
At NMG Benefits, we work in partnership with you to enhance and maintain the wellbeing and health of your employees, with the goal of raising productivity, reducing staff turnover, as well as promoting a decline in absenteeism and sick leave.
Service features
  • NMG's health portal to assist with decision-making
  • Consulting and advisory services by a team of trusted, highly skilled, strategic experts
  • Employee education and communication platforms to identify and address member issues on an individual level and in a proactive manner
  • Custom HR & Payroll services, Actuarial-based reporting, and analytics tools to inform health and wellness decisions
  • Infrastructure to manage changes on existing scheme memberships
  • SmartReview process to assess your organisation’s health asset performance and help your wellness providers to enhance this performance
  • Additional in-depth advice on gap cover, employee assistance and wellness programmes, primary care, international healthcare, travel cover, international risk cover, and general health and accident cover
  • An Integrated Health Dashboard that enables companies to track, manage, customise, improve and engage in real-time with the overall health and wellbeing of their employees
If you want your employees to go further for you today, you need to give them peace of mind for tomorrow. NMG offers comprehensive retirement fund administration services that are tailored to the needs of the fund, the employer and our members.
Service features
  • Accredited advice on benefit structuring, contribution rates, risk benefits and investment in the context of the retirement funds
  • Member communication and presentations
  • Guidance on legislative changes
  • Assured operational effectiveness of your chosen fund
  • Capturing, updating and maintaining of member records
  • Managing investments towards retirement for members
  • Updating financial records
  • Quarterly/annual member communications
  • Fund reporting to both employers and members
  • Enabling employers and members to access real-time information from the friendly help center

2022 Golden Arrow Award for Actuarial and Consulting

Investment Consulting
The NMG Investment Consulting team is focused on helping our clients develop global-grade investment solutions with greater risk tolerance and returns. We work closely with our clients to develop investment solutions that are customised to your needs.
Service features
  • Comprehensive investment consulting
  • Formulation and review of investment strategies
  • Bespoke investment solutions
  • Training on investments and updates on industry developments
  • Assistance in legislative compliance
  • Asset liability modelling
  • Setting strategic and tactical asset allocations
  • Investment goal assessment and target advisory
  • Qualitative and quantitative asset management research
  • Setting and monitoring of mandates
  • Strategic and operational implementation
  • Strategic planning of member communication and delivery
  • Investment performance monitoring, reviewing and reporting
  • Rebalancing strategies
  • Bespoke solutions that deliver personalised investment solutions
Actuarial Services
When it comes to running a business, there will always be challenges… unless you have the help of people who are experts in the fields that you may not be. The NMG Benefits Actuarial and Strategic Consulting team provides our clients with valuable expertise, turning data into insights that can then be used to tackle critical business issues.
Service features
  • Leveraging analytics to develop effective tools and models of analysis
  • Researching and analysing key statistical data to reduce risk and liability
  • Predictive modelling to estimate the probability and likely cost your business may have
  • Designing, testing, and administering medical policies, retirement plans and investments, to minimize risk and maximize profitability
  • Monitoring fluctuations within financial markets across industries
  • Presenting and explaining findings and implications to clients
  • Reducing the overall risk of business portfolios
  • Providing retirement funds with actuarial and valuator services
Personal Financial Services
If it’s not personalised, it’s not a personal wealth plan. That’s why at NMG Personal Financial Services, we offer individuals the opportunity to make use of the professional advisory services of NMG’s Financial Advisors. They will help them with immediate and long-term goals, walking the financial planning journey together.
Service features
  • Work with you to create a personal financial plan based on your individual circumstances.
  • Support you in managing existing and new personal retirement savings
  • Guide you at retirement to establish an appropriate pension strategy and assist with the ongoing review and adjustment of this
  • Guide you towards achieving your savings goals through meaningful, professional investment advice
  • Recommend, set-up and manage your life, disability, funeral, and income insurance
  • Assist with claims processing
  • Engage regularly to ensure your personal financial plan continues to meet your ever-changing needs
Short-term Insurance
Identifying and mitigating risks is a challenging, but important responsibility that empowers businesses with the tools necessary to navigate their future with confidence and security. NMG Risk Managers and Insurance Brokers help clients recognise and protect themselves against the risks specific to their
professions, their businesses, and the markets in which they operate. Our specialist team conducts custom risk assessments and provides efficient and economical insurance solutions.
Service features
  • Leveraging extensive experience in risk assessments, and management processes and platforms to create holistic solutions
  • Effectively dealing with risk and insurance protection and administration
  • Providing expert advice on Professional Indemnity, Broadform and Civil Liability, Cyber Risk and Liabilities, Crime and Fidelity Guarantee, and Directors and Officers Liability, Assets & Business Interruption Insurances
  • Providing specialists consulting in:
  • The Financial services industry including Asset/Investment Managers, Advisors, Brokers and Intermediaries in all FSP Categories
  • Built environment professions, construction, and the engineering industry
  • Delivering qualified legal contractual risk assessments
  • Analysing and interpret project risk
  • Upholding international best practice standards
NMG RM is an Authorised Financial Services Provider registered with the FSCA Licence No. FSP 31103.
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