x2 Corporate Consultant - Healthcare

Johannesburg and Durban
Application due date:
09 July 2024
Type of employment

Role Overview

The Corporate Consultant is responsible for a portfolio of clients in terms of the overall strategic consulting, servicing and day-to-day running of the client under the guidance of the Consulting Manager and with the support of the office based Administration Consultant and the onsite Member Consultant.

Duties and Responsibilities

Management of allocated teams

  • Implementation and management of consulting strategy and projects into their teams
  • Mentorship, “on the job training” and succession planning for Member Consultants with input and assistance from the Consulting Manager
  • Identification of training needs within the team
  • Monthly workflow meetings with the team.
  • Training to staff on strategic reporting templates
  • Attend high level strategy meetings with the main focus on Corporate Consultant portfolio.
  • Identification of ICU clients and controlling of the overall ICU client strategy within the Corporate Consultant teams
  • Elevating to Consulting Manager
  • Ensure that a minimum of two CRM visits per client per year take place within the teams
  • Ongoing management of all clients
  • Member queries via email, fax or telephonic as required

Customer Relationship Management

  • HR training on processes and procedures
  • Constant follow up and feedback to relevant parties
  • Building of relationships with Executives, senior management and HR/payroll
  • Consulting on health care issues relevant to the client (wellness, subsidies, scheme reviews etc.)
  • Member renewals training presentations and one-on-one sessions as required
  • Compilation of report cards detailing planned services and implementation and delivery of these planned services
  • Ensuring Service Level Agreements are in place with clients and that these are renewed as and when required
  • Provide clients with a personalised executive assistance programme
  • Facilitate the relationship between the client and respective medical scheme/s
  • Compilation and delivery of presentations, strategic advice and reports to clients
  • Management of client expectations
  • Rolling out and implementation of health care projects.

General responsibilities

  • Compliance with the NMG Style guide
  • Keeping written records of all client communication and interaction within the stipulated time period on CMS
  • Identify and pursue new business and cross-selling opportunities
  • Completion of MI-TIME weekly
  • Management of documents into the health care library/ SharePoint
  • Ensure Scheme Champ duties are carried out effectively
  • Provide input with regards to divisional training required
  • Attend internal meetings and training as and when required

Minimum Qualification

  • A three year business qualification will be preferable
  • Will need to meet the requirements as set out by FAIS


  • 5-10 years consulting experience
  • 5 years industry related experience

Other requirements

  • Own vehicle and valid drivers license

Competencies (skills required)

  • Delegation Skills
  • Strategic Agility
  • Planning and Organising Skills
  • Interpersonal skills.
  • Time Management Skills
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Communication Skills
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